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Next Democratic Party Meeting
Thursday, August 11 @ 6:30 PM   

Tavares Civic Center – 100 E. Caroline St.

There are delegates from both the Hillary and Bernie campaign that are in the process of forming the Democratic platform slate. You can help that process by going to https://demconvention.com/platform/ and entering what you would like to see in the Democratic Slate.

Egor Emery who is the DEC chair in Lake County, Florida has been chosen as one of the delegates to the platform committee.

Want to help change things for the better? Participate!

Lake County Democratic Headquarters is located in Tavares, FL, at 317 E. Main St., across from scenic Wooten Park and the new Train Station. Stop in and say “Hi!”…or volunteer to staff HQ, phone bank, canvass for our candidates or volunteer in many other ways.  Contact us @ (352) 742-8280
The Lake County Democratic Party meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Tavares Civic Center, 100 E. Caroline St., Tavares, FL at 6:30 PM. Come early (6:00) to enjoy a great dinner and enjoy a discussion period before our Party meetings as an opportunity to vent and catch-up with current events.


We have 9 Clubs/Caucuses throughout Lake County, from  Leesburg to Clermont to Mt. Dora!From registering new voters, to phone banking and canvassing for candidates, you can find some way to be involved with our Party! We actively support and recruit Democratic candidates We’re active in our communities in various ways…Parades…MLK Celebrations as well as our own fundraising events (see “events”)

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