Increasing impact fees was prudent

After many years of pushing the cost of new schools on to those citizens already living here, the Lake County Commission recently said yes to an increase in impact fees to help fund the cost of new schools caused by newcomers. Only Commissioner Leslie Campione thought it better to saddle current taxpayers with the cost that should be borne by those building houses for newcomers.

The commission did not honor the August request by the Lake County School Board that reflected the true cost of the fiscal impact of newcomers, but every bit helps alleviate the cost to those of us already living here and already paying for our schools. The County Commission has upped the fee from 25 to 75 percent of the true cost to defray the cost of the impact. The school corporation is in debt and paying heavy interest charges.

The truth is, to relieve overcrowded schools new schools shall be built but without the full impact fees needed to help build the new schools. We current taxpayers will have to dig deeper to pay for the growth caused by house builders. Government never tells you that.

Every public official and public servant must be fiscally conservative. However, some are fiscally inept and delusional. Some are penny-wise and pound-foolish. Campione appears to be overly concerned about the welfare of house builders and less concerned about the impact to current taxpayers and the education of our students. To accommodate new students, taxpayers will pay for every new student station not paid for by house builders. We need commissioners who are more concerned about those living here than those to come.

If it were true that one could “do more with less” that would indicate that one could “do everything with nothing.” That is just not true. While it is true that money will not solve all problems, lack of money is not the answer.

Thanks, commissioners, for upping the impact fee, albeit not enough.

Choice Edwards | Clermont

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