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Nancy Hurlbert is the Chair of the Lake County Democratic Party and is supported by a Steering Committee and the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC), comprised of more than 75 Precinct Committeemen and women (aka Precinct Captains)

The primary goal of the Lake County Democratic Party (aka Lake County Democratic Executive Committee) is to build a strong Democratic base of voters upon which every Democratic Party candidate can stand! This strong base is accomplished through individual Precinct Committeemen/women who are responsible for contacting Democratic voters in their precinct for the purpose of recruiting volunteers, keeping them informed about current issues and turning out the vote for each election.

If YOU are interested in expanding the Democratic Party and can give of your time and enthusiasm, apply NOW (print pdf file this links to and mail to this address: 317 E. Main St. Tavares, FL 32778) to become a DEC member!

The Democratic Party in Lake County was established in the 1950’s and has a long and varied history, including being the majority Party in the 1970s.  We saw an unprecedented turnaround in voter registration in 2007, when newly registered Democrats (3,626) outnumbered newly registered Republicans (3,511) in Lake County, a precursor of the 2008 elections. 



Lake County Democratic Party
317 E. Main St., Tavares, FL 32778
Phone: 352-742-8280
Email: tnhurlbert@aol.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lakecountydems

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