Why are you a Democrat? What values do you share with other Democrats? How has being a Democrat impacted your life?

We want to hear from you. It’s stories like yours that shape the Democratic Party. So tell us, what does being a Democrat mean to you. 


Coming from a working class family who fought for the rights of workers to unionize, for better pay, safer working conditions and financial protection during layoffs. We need unions more than ever today, wages have stagnated while worker productivity and company profits have increased. The Democratic Party supports the working class and their right to form unions.Kathy Weaver
I am a Democrat, because I believe in government and that it should work for everyone, not just the wealthiest among us.Marvin Jacobson
As a two-decade old recovering former Republican, I became – and remain – a Democrat because of its position on securing women’s rights. Rights that include equal pay for equal work, passage of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), affirmative action/opportunities and privacy of reproductive rights. As 51% of the population, shouldn’t these already be our rights? Why does the “other side” keep warring with women?Nancy Hurlbert
I am a Democrat because the Democratic Party fights for fairness – political fairness and economic fairness. Political fairness includes civil rights, voting rights, and fair elections. Economic fairness includes living wage jobs, affordable healthcare, good public schools, and safe and healthy environments. Jane Hepting
I am a Democrat because I believe the Golden Rule applies to everyone regardless of their sex, color, sexual orientation, rich or poor, sick or healthy. I believe that the Democratic platform coincides with my believe.Gregory Wilhelm
I am a Democrat because I believe in our future. I want to do my part to ensure that every American has the opportunities they need to succeed and a healthy world to live in.Laura Williams