From Nancy Hurlbert, Chair of LCDP

It is incredibly important that Democrats here in Lake County are active and participatory so we demonstrate to the “other side” that we are here and have a voice.  I often hear – when meeting a Democrat for the first time – “I am so glad I am not the only Democrat around!”.  This should not be!  If we are doing our job – being visible at County Commission and School Board meetings, canvassing, phoning and tabling at various community events – there should be NO doubt that there are nearly 71,000 Democrats in Lake County!

There are numerous opportunities for you to assist the Lake County Democratic Party…

  • Volunteer to call former volunteers and get them reactivated…there is always an upcoming election!
  • Volunteer to staff our headquarters.  You never know when the next super volunteer or winning candidate will walk through our doors, so we must be fully staffed and welcoming.
  • Write letters to the editors of our two local papers. It is vital that we respond to “alternative facts” and the community knows that we are the Party of true – not fake – news.
  • Financially support your Party.  We have a physical headquarters in Mount Dora and it costs money to operate.  It is not just rent and utilities, but we also need paper goods, snacks and bottled water for our volunteers and informational materials for the voter.
  • Financially support our Democratic candidates.  Remember that “early money is like yeast” and allows our candidates to compete at all levels of campaigning, from an exploratory campaign through the Primary and General elections.  Become a regular donor to Lake FL Blue.

Soooo…what are you doing now?  Why not stop by our headquarters and get involved today!  If not you, who?  If not now, when?