We offer you several ways to contact the Lake County Democratic Party.

You can visit the Lake County Democratic Headquarters at 4400 N. Hwy. 19A, Suite 7, Mount Dora, FL  32757, 352-800-4984, info@lakedemocrats.com


Lake County Democratic Party Officers

Chair: Nancy Hurlbert – email: tnhurlbert@aol.com

Vice Chair: Rudy Perez – email: rperezeg6@outlook.com

Secretary: Lillian Lockette – email: lillianlockette@gmail.com

Treasurer: Kathy Williamson – email: uffda_fyda@yahoo.com

Committeeman: Alan Garcia – email: agarcia424@aol

Committewoman: Francine Garcia – email: francgar@aol.com

Campaign Committee Chair: Jane Hepting – email: hepting.jane@gmail.com

Information Technology: Bill Boyer – email: admanbb.boyer@gmail.com

Fundraising: Rose Fitzpatrick – email: rfitzp2@gmail.com

Assistant Treasurer: Pat Spear – email: p-spear@northwestern.edu

Or fill out our contact form below