Do you know what it takes to be a good public servant?

Do you care about your community? Do you have a passion for democracy and for using the political process to solve problems for the greatest good? Are you a good listener? Are you honest and willing to work hard? Then, you would be a good public servant.

Here are the attributes of the ideal Democratic candidate for an elected position. Please don’t be discouraged if you do not have all of them.
* Good character. No criminal record. No public scandals.
* Shares our Democratic values.
* Articulate, personable, makes a good appearance.
* Knowledgeable and passionate about the position.
* Educational/experience background suitable for the position.
* Has time and money to devote to campaigning.
* Can handle criticism.
* Involved in the community, knows a lot of people.
* Has the ability to ask for votes and money.
* Willing to advocate for diverse groups.
* Willing to learn from others on the best way to campaign.

What are the challenges and rewards of holding public office? It takes a lot of time and energy and you may expose yourself to criticism, but you can make long-lasting improvements in the lives of many people. Making a difference and making history can be exciting.

Why should Democrats run for public office? It’s simple: we need a voice at the table. As of January, 2017, Democrats in Lake county held only about 1 of 6 elected positions, counting municipal, county, state, and federal offices. Too many political decisions are made without any consideration for the needs of low and middle-income families or for the civil rights of minorities. Democrats believe in economic and political fairness. Our Democracy cannot endure unless we are heard.