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FROM THE LEFT The necessity to impeach Trump

FROM THE LEFT The necessity to impeach Trump The impeachment of any political leader is a major disruption to the functioning of a government, but it is to be taken when there are actions or crimes that are so serious that they jeopardize the functioning of our...

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FROM THE LEFT: Understanding what socialism really is

The campaign to demonize the Democratic party as being a socialist party has begun in earnest. It is imperative that voters understand what socialism is and why it originated. In very simple terms it came about as a means of closing the gap between the rich and poor...

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FROM THE LEFT-The Daily Commercial: Knowing keeps us free

FROM THE LEFT Knowing keeps us free As Florida prepares for the new 2019 legislative session, let's remind ourselves to stand sentinel in our defense so as not to become beguiled into an ambush of Trump Administration directorial policies. Recent campaign rally cries...

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